The Resourceful School: Turning Crisis into Opportunity

Turning Crisis into Opportunity

The December 2011 Issue of Education Leadership focuses on tough times and strategies for making the most of decreasing budgets. ERS’ Karen Hawley Miles and Naomi Calvo (formerly from ERS, now at Bellevue School District, WA) authored one of the articles that explores how schools are using tough times to take bold steps to transform what classrooms look like.

By comparing two schools’ innovative approaches to rethinking staff, schedules and student needs, the article shows two very different approaches that both lead to improving instruction despite budget cuts. Take a look and see how a vision coupled with a strategic resource plan around that vision can lead to inspiring results. Other authors in the issue include Michael Rebell, Allan Odden, Anthony Rolle, James Guthrie, Chris Gabrieli, Doug Johnson and Nathan Levenson.

Download the article here (PDF)