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Tulsa Public Schools: Redesigning Schools for Professional Learning–On a Budget

How Tulsa Public Schools Helped Principals to Support Better Professional Learning

Common Challenge

High Teacher Turnover, Especially Among New Teachers

Teachers in Tulsa Public Schools struggled to meet their students' diverse needs and deliver instruction that met new, more rigorous standards. This was exacerbated by high teacher turnover, especially among novice teachers. District leaders aimed to increase support—but very low funding levels presented an additional challenge.

Tulsa's Approach

Supporting Better Professional Learning 

To transform school-level staffing and scheduling in ways that increased support and job-embedded professional learning time for teachers, Tulsa Public Schools redesigned the way the central office supported principals—including providing intensive training and tools for a pilot group of principals to help them revamp roles, teacher teaming, and school schedules. 

Tulsa's Results

Better Professional Learning

At the end of the first year of implementation, all pilot schools have increased teachers' collaborative planning time by at least 50 additional minutes per week and have new teacher leadership roles to facilitate this time. According to principals, the training and tools have helped them make more informed, deliberate decisions about how to achieve their schools' goals. 

Dig Deeper

Access tangible materials—such as templates and tools—that leaders in Tulsa Public Schools used to create better professional learning. 


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