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What is Resource Equity?

A working paper that explores the many dimensions of resource equity that support academic excellence

Resource equity refers to the allocation and use of resources (people, time, and money) to create student experiences that enable all children to reach empowering and rigorous learning outcomes—no matter their race or income. 

In this working paper, we've identified specific "dimensions of equity," and we explain how each links to student outcomes, identify typical sources of inequities within systems, share ways that schools and systems have organized resources to create greater equity, and provide sample diagnostic questions to help systems self-assess.

While there is no set “recipe” for great school systems, assessing these dimensions helps education stakeholders see more clearly whether school systems provide all students the resources they need, and can help leaders design school and system policies to more equitably allocate and effectively use resources based on student need.

The ideas in this paper are still actively evolving. We invite you to share your reactions and questions with us by emailing Betty Chang.


Chiefs for Change: Statement on the Need for High Quality Curriculum, June 6, 2018

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