Weighted Student Funding

Why Do Districts Decide to Implement Weighted Student Funding?

ERS has partnered with a number of districts on implementing weighted student funding (WSF), which is also known as fair student funding or student-based budgeting. This presentation serves as an introduction to this new way of school budgeting.

In our experience, districts choose to implement WSF to help improve:

  • Equity: Students are funded equitably regardless of which school they attend.
  • School Empowerment: Schools have both the autonomy and the responsibility to design their schools to best meet their student needs.
  • Innovation: Principals have the freedom to organize their school in whatever way they believe will best serve their students.
  • Accountability: Every school controls its own budget and school leaders are responsible for resource decisions and related outcomes.
  • Transparency: A WSF formula makes it clear to all relevant stakeholders how much money schools receive and how the allocation process works.

For more information, see our publications Transforming School Funding: A Guide to Implementing Student-Based Budgeting, and Following the Dollars to the Classroom Door.