Teacher Compensation Calculator

Explore your options for designing a more effective teacher compensation system within your existing district budget.

Compare Budget Strategies

Baseline Strategy

Set the baseline to approximate the conditions of your district that you will use to compare against a new Effectiveness Steps or Career Path strategy.

Effectiveness Steps Strategy

Transition from steps based only on experience to steps based on effectiveness (as defined by the district) while investing in teacher roles and contribution.

Career Pathways Strategy

Design a system that strengthens school leadership, accelerates learning, and enriches teaching career paths, with opportunities for increasing the contributions of school leaders and teachers as they progress through their careers.

Teacher compensation systems vary widely among districts and can be complex. Our Teacher Compensation Calculator can help. Designed for districts with a traditional step/lane salary schedule, it provides insight into the big “buckets” of teacher compensation—pay for starting salary, experience, education, roles and contribution, effectiveness—allowing you to compare three compensation strategies: the current baseline and approaches based on effectiveness steps and career pathways.

Use the Teacher Compensation Calculator to help you begin to envision a system that can attract, retain, and leverage the skills of a highly effective teaching force as you move from career and compensation approaches unconnected to performance or contribution, to strategies that foster growth and reward contribution.

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