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COVID Comeback Models


Our Schools Start Here series of guides dives into the resource side of ESSER strategy and planning, including concrete examples of staffing and scheduling models. 



Explore concrete examples of possible student groups, schedules, and staff roles for various hybrid models

Continuously-changing local circumstances will likely require districts and schools to shift between different teaching and learning models during the 2020-21 school year. Figuring out the practical logistics of this work can be complicated. Exactly when these transitions occur throughout the school year and what these transitions look like will largely depend on public health conditions. For the growing number of districts beginning the school year fully remote, this time can be leveraged as an opportunity to proactively plan for what safely easing your students and staff back into a hybrid model might look like.

What is a COVID Comeback Model?

ERS COVID Comeback Models are adaptable blueprints for crafting hybrid schedules, staff roles, and districtwide structures that are ready-to-implement when local public health conditions allow.

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How do I choose the right model?

For help choosing and adapting models based on the staffing, facilities, and resources available within your district's unique context, check out the Decision Points Guide and video explainer.

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How can my district go remote and back?

Use or adapt this remote learning companion to help prepare for cohesive teaching and learning plans that are provide consistent routines, are flexible for changing times, and cultivate student-staff relationships.

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ERS created these models with input from educational experts from across the country as part of a project with CCSSO.

Comeback Models

K-3 In Person

Prioritize in-person learning for the youngest students, who may otherwise struggle with remote instruction.


Family Opt-In

High demand for remote options can increase the feasibility of accomodating families who want/need in-person options.


Schoolwide Hybrid

Teacher teams can be set up to provide a mix of remote and in-person learning for elementary students.

schoolwide hybrid model

Focus on Equity

Prioritize consistently serving students with the highest needs for in-person support.


A/B Days

Groups of students alternate attending school in person throughout the week.

a/b days model

Transition Grade Levels In Person

Prioritize in-person learning for students in pivotal transitional grade levels, such as 9th grade..

Transition grade in-person model

A/B Weeks

Groups of students alternate between remote and in-person instruction every other week.


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