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Where Analytical Minds Meet Nonprofit Values

Who Are We?Who Are You?

Change Drivers
We partner with school districts across the nation to facilitate sustainable systemwide change that improves student experiences and outcomes.

Collaborative Teammates
We encourage authentic communication and thoughtful, honest feedback to continuously improve our team-centered organization and foster a healthy, inclusive learning environment.

Professionals and People
We create the conditions in which every team member finds harmony between their work and life priorities.
A Values-Driven Professional
You believe that K-12 change is needed to truly support all students—especially those furthest from opportunity or with the greatest learning needs.

A Deep Thinker
You enjoy the search for solutions, working through data-driven research to find key tactics for addressing complex problems.

A Team Player
You deeply understand and appreciate the unique expertise your teammates bring to the work, and you contribute your own skills in return.

Our Team 

Our team members are the driving force of our organization. They’re the expert educators, the organized operations specialists, the passionate consultants, and the witty wordsmiths behind everything we do. Here’s what they think about working for ERS. 

Our DBIE Commitment 

We recognize that advancing diversity, belonging, inclusion, and equity (DBIE) in both the nonprofit and educational spaces is a lifelong journey that requires unwavering dedication. We’re committed to prioritizing DBIE in everything we do, primarily by: 

  • Helping our district and school leader partners understand the patterns of structural racism and oppression that impact the students and families in their communities.
  • Devoting organizational resources to foster ERS team members’ ongoing learning about structural racism and oppression, including how they impact how we work with both each other and our district partners. 
  • Leading initiatives to support transformative, sustainable resource equity in K-12 education to reduce race-based disparities and income-based disparities. A few examples of this include:

Affinity Spaces 

At ERS, team members are welcome to join any number of affinity groups, which offer space and time for colleagues to share about their learnings, lived experiences, and organizational priorities. ERS provides each affinity group with a fixed budget that teams can use to build community, support professional learning, etc. 

Affinity groups give team members: 

  • Support from colleagues with shared identities. 
  • Space to build belonging and understanding. 
  • Opportunities to engage leadership in discussions about important issues. 

Our Interview Experience 

We strive to provide a consistent and equity-centered hiring process—regardless of the position or candidate. This robust process intentionally honors different learning styles to empower you to demonstrate your skills, learn more about the role, and meet future colleagues. 

1. Application2. First Interview (via phone)3. Assessment & Second Interview4. Final Interviews
30 minutes45 minutesTime varies by positionFour hours
Submit your resume and a thoughtful cover letter to tell us about your educational and/or professional experience.Connect live with an ERS team member to share more about the ways your professional skills, experiences, and values align with the role.Complete a candidate assignment to showcase your transferable skills and answer a few interview questions.Engage in conversations with other team members to help us deepen our understanding of your interpersonal and technical skills.

Join Our Team 

Looking to jumpstart your career in educational reform? Build on your nonprofit experience at an impactful organization? Use your hard-earned expertise to better the lives of students across the country? 

No matter your level of experience or particular specialty, you can make a difference in K-12 education with a role at ERS. Here are a few additional details that can help you on your job search: 

  • We conduct consulting recruitment on an annual, cyclical process that typically runs from fall (September or October) to spring (April or May). 
  • We hire all other roles on an as-needed basis. 
  • We’re currently not offering internships for undergraduate or graduate students. 

ERS is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, ancestry, pregnancy, or military service.

We value diverse teams and the unique talents each member brings. In that light, we encourage candidates that have life experiences similar to those of the children, teachers, and leaders in the districts we serve to apply. The value we place on diverse teams is mirrored by our commitments to foster and sustain an inclusive culture. We regularly evaluate our organization’s processes and policies through the lens of equity and inclusion, and we provide opportunities for individual and organizational learning about equity, inclusion, and diversity.

We view these commitments as essential to our work with each other and our district partners, as we seek to drive equity and excellence for all students through school system transformation. 


We welcome the opportunity to partner with your district to better align resources and generate a significant impact for your students, your schools, and your communities.