District Partners

Since 2005, we have worked hand-in-hand with the leaders of over 100 school systems and several states through data (analysis and benchmarking), design (resource trade-offs and consensus building), and implementation (planning and monitoring).

What we do in our District Partnerships:

  • Analyze Resources: We analyze budget, staffing, scheduling, and student performance data to understand how system enabling conditions and resources currently align with district goals as well as best practice. This may take place through our most intensive 9-12 month Strategic Resource Map, our 3-month Strategic System Snapshot a light-touch Strategy Resource Blitz, or a custom-designed engagement. These processes allow us to analyze data and compare to districts across the country in ways that no other organization can, shedding light on previously unrecognized resource opportunities.  
  • Design Strategies: Drawing on our resource data analysis, our comparative database, experience with other districts, and current research, we identify where and how to shift resources to align with high-probability strategies for accelerating learning and target the most pressing student and teacher needs. For example, our Rookie Teacher school design projects help schools and system to create school designs and teacher career paths that provide shelter and development opportunity for new teachers to attract, retain and grow teacher talent. 
  • Support Implementation: We provide planning and analytic support to district teams as they turn new strategies into reality in the areas of school design, teaching, leadership, funding & portfolio, and school support & accountability. For example, we help implement Student-Based Budgeting systems and Equity Metrics Reports for districts. 

Reach out to learn how we can support your district’s goals.


We welcome the opportunity to partner with your district to better align resources and generate a significant impact for your students, your schools, and your communities.