Collaborators and Funders

Generous support from national funders makes up approximately 45% of ERS revenue, with the rest coming from local sources to support our deep, multiyear partnerships in districts, states, and schools. This national support enables us to:

  • Leverage our comparative database and findings from deep partnerships to understand how system transformation and strategic resource use drive student outcomes
  • Share learnings and tools with the field to build demand for system and school redesign
  • Build understanding of system transformation and resource allocation among a wider audience of current and up-and-coming district and state leaders and decision makers
  • Influence national and state policy and practice
  • Partner with change agents to accelerate impact
  • Build organizational capacity through investments in recruiting, hiring, staff development, leadership time, and infrastructure

Our current national funders:

Here are some ways the philanthropic community can help us continue to transform the ways schools and systems use resources so that every school prepares every child for tomorrow:

  • Share our tools with your grantee networks (and encourage them to share widely too)
  • Make connections between us and your grantees who are doing related work to amplify impact in all directions
  • Identify ways that ERS’ work might align with your current investment priorities and consider including us in your grantee portfolio
  • Connect us with other potential partners who would be interested in working with us

Collaboration with change agents in the field is a core component of our organization’s mission. Other influential organizations with whom we collaborate include:


We welcome the opportunity to partner with your district to better align resources and generate a significant impact for your students, your schools, and your communities.