Our Approach

Every school. Every student. Ready for tomorrow.

ERS empowers school system leaders to make transformative shifts in resources, structures, and practices so that all students—especially those with the greatest learning needs and those furthest from opportunity—attend a school where they can learn and thrive. We believe that for every school to succeed for every student, schools must look very different from the rigid class sizes, fixed time blocks, and un-differentiated teacher roles that still define “school” today.

Ensuring that student and teacher learning is designed in a fiscally sustainable way will require significant resource shifts. That’s why our work focuses on the larger picture: how resources work together to create high-performing systems.

ERS supports the creation of high-performing school systems that establish the structures and conditions for high-quality schools at scale, allowing all students to attend a school where they can learn and thrive. In order to achieve our mission, we publish free tools and publications; run invitation-only learning sessions and webinars; convene and support cohorts of district leaders working together on these issues across the country; and offer just-in-time services directly to districts and states on strategy design, professional learning, implementation support, and more. We approach all of the above using a “Do Now, Build Toward” (DNBT) theory of systemwide transformation, which involves taking doable steps, grounded in data and research, that address critical needs—while building toward an inspiring, bold, financially sustainable vision.

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