ERS Team

Rachel Black

Director of Strategy and Innovation

As leader of ERS’ Strategy & Innovation Team, Rachel strengthens ties between our external partnerships and our internal functions in order to align core organizational processes to evolving organizational needs and an overarching vision for ERS’ position in the field. Rachel supports ERS Board and Leadership to define and evolve ERS’ strategic plan, manages ERS’ revenue forecasting and partner cultivation processes to align with strategy and maximize our impact, and oversees a range of internal functions that set up ERS teams for success including staffing, knowledge and data management, and org-wide innovation and continuous improvement efforts.

In her current role, Rachel brings to bear four years of consulting experience with ERS’ school system partners that gave her a deep understanding of the core challenges and opportunities that urban school systems face. As a consultant at ERS, Rachel supported and led a range of school system partnerships ranging from System Snapshot diagnostics in El Paso, TX and other contexts to school portfolio redesign work in Hartford, CT to racial equity diagnostic and strategic planning work in Dallas, TX. Rachel also serves on ERS’ Diversity, Belonging, Inclusion, and Equity (DBIE) Advisory Team where she is responsible for leading org-wide DBIE-focused culture-building efforts, supporting the self-directed DBIE learning of her colleagues by curating learning resources, mentoring peer colleagues, and facilitating DBIE-focused discussions and professional development opportunities.

Prior to joining ERS, Rachel received her B.A. in Public Policy & American Institutions from Brown University, where she focused on nonprofit and public sector program evaluation and criminal justice reform. As an undergraduate, she taught civics classes in Providence Public Schools through the nonprofit Generation Citizen and tutored fellow Brown students in writing. Outside of work, Rachel enjoys reading novels, playing trivia, pursuing home improvement projects, and spending time with family, friends, and her dog Clementine

Previous Experience

Performance Measurement Intern
GreenLight Fund

Research Assistant
Brown’s Taubman Center for Public Policy


BA in Public Policy
Brown University


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